Spring’s end;

The sound of thunder

In the evening.



Click here  to hear the sound of thunder!




This hokku verse was composed by Sabishī.

The lightning photograph can be found at this site.














5 thoughts on “Thunder”

  1. If you haven’t seen this documentary, yet, Planet of the Humans, , then you must. For all of us who love nature and write about how humans interact with plants, animals, and fungi, then you must change your lifestyle and become an activist, putting a halt to the destruction of nature in the name of “clean energy.” Stop the deforestation of the world in the name of “biofuel energy!” Put an end to the lies going on in the “Green Energy” world! Change your lifestyle and consume less of everything, including fossil fuels! especially fossil fuels!! It should be “Green Energy” not “Greenback Energy!”

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    1. Yes, this is so true and I believe ordinary people are waking up to the reality of what we are destroying. International actions must happen soon but we do have to change our habits. I will follow up on the documentary soon.

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  2. Your poem is so elegant with that contrast of stillness and thunder, the power of the elements. And your concerns so relevant. Thank you for visiting and linking up our love of nature and the need for action.

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