A Cool Mist




Summer rain;

A cool mist rises

From the waterfall.







This summer hokku verse was composed by Sabishī.

The photo is of the waterfall at Shanty Hollow Lake, after a few days of rain, near Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA.

According to ancient tradition, today, May 1st, is the first day of summer!  (About six weeks after today will be the summer solstice, or Midsummer).  Many cultures (in the northern hemisphere) celebrate this day, May 1st or May Day, with many activities, showing their appreciation of the warm days of summer!  Happy May Day!!


4 thoughts on “A Cool Mist”

  1. Happy May Day!! I think it’s sad that people don’t celebrate the return of the seasons, anymore. Our appreciation of natural events has diminished with the increase in technology. I wish there were a vaccine for NDD, nature deficit disorder! ha It’s a pandemic that must be cured with ecological education…and more hokku!

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