The Porch Light


The porch light;

A clue that they are

Safe and warm.

This safe and warm hokku was composed by Sabishī.

The photo was taken in southern Kentucky. This is my neighbor’s house, where she and her two young boys live. Some mornings I will look out my bedroom window and their porch light will come on. This simple act gives me the greatest pleasure, because I know that, at this moment, they are all safe and warm…and I smile.


3 thoughts on “The Porch Light”

  1. It’s so good to have a place that’s warm, that shelter’s you from inclement weather and provides safety. So many people don’t have that, today! I consider myself lucky to be safe from nature’s bitter, winter nights. I’m glad you are warm and safe, too!

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    1. Yes! We are very lucky indeed. Keep well and have a happy midwinter. The light increases daily now and I am rejuvenated again. Keep up the wonderful work on this site, reminding all those who visit that nature and humanity can be at peace together.

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