Frosted Fields


Frosted fields;

The distant woods

A purple haze.

This frosty hokku was composed by Clive Bennett and can be seen at this site.

The photo of the frosted field can be found here.


5 thoughts on “Frosted Fields”

  1. I love to get out in the early morning and see frost on everything…as long as I can get back to my warm living room with some hot coffee and a pastry! Thanks, again, Clive, for your beautiful hokku! The Garden is growing.

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    1. It’s snowing here at the moment so after a walk with the dogs it’s great to get back to a warm kitchen and coffee – with maybe a little something …

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    1. I was of course referring to the budding tips of silver birch which when seen from a distance give woodlands a purplish tinge! And nothing else – although I did quite like the song by Jimmi Hendrix 🤣

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