(End of Summer)

Excited children,

Splashing on the seashore;

Holidays almost over!

Composed by Ashley-sama, this was.

The photo of Groomsport is courtesy of Ashley, aka Fraxinus.

Published by: Sabishī

I enjoy translating my observations into hokku, as well as reading the hokku of others. Hope you enjoy your slow-walk through our Hokku Garden!


2 thoughts on “Excited”

  1. When I was growing up, 150 years ago, this time of the year was considered the middle of summer, because we had another month before school started. Plenty of time to get ourselves into trouble! ha Thanks for the hokku and photo, Ash-tree!

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    1. Likewise! Here the schools are off throughout July and August. However, here in NI there is still a “July Fortnight” when factories and manufacturing shut down for 2 weeks!

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