Caught in the Rainstorm


Caught in the rain;

The sound and smell of rain

In the forest.

Sabishī composed this rainy hokku while sitting in the rain on the Echo River Spring Trail at Mammoth Cave National Park, KY, USA.

This photo was taken during that rain.

Watch this video on full-screen and volume turned up.


10 thoughts on “Caught in the Rainstorm”

  1. Echo River Spring Trail is one of my favorite trails, because it’s handicapped-accessible and takes you along the creek where you can see wildflowers, mushrooms, white-tailed deer, turkey, lizards, insects, and, of course, a wide variety of large deciduous trees! It’s hard to describe the smell of the forest; you just have to be there!

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  2. Reading this post and looking at the photographs and videos has been the perfect start to my day! Such a beautiful place . . . and that thrush – gorgeous and with a voice to match. You must have had a wonderful day, Sabishi. Thank you for sharing it!

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      1. The “-sama” is an honorific, just a way of showing deep respect for the person (you). A reply is not necessary. I don’t normally use honorifics; I use them with friends (like Ashley) to kid around. In Japan you are expected to use them, which I don’t like.

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