Red Kite


Distant bells;

Red kite rising

Into sunlight.

This uplifting hokku was composed by Clive Bennett.

The photo was taken by Jordan Hristov and can be found here.


5 thoughts on “Red Kite”

  1. What a distinctive, human-whistle-like call it has! Beautiful hokku, Clive, and the art and recording from your blog post are really nice. Thanks for this addition to the Garden.


  2. Wonderful hokku by Clive! Red Kites are special birds for me as here in NI they were hunted to extinction in the 1800s. However, about a dozen years ago they were re-introduced (birds born in Wales) to the south east of the province and slowly they are making a return.

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  3. It really is an uplifting hokku. The incredible moments can easily be visualised (and heard) in each line. Such fabulous birds and the recording was extraordinary.

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