Clouds move by,

As a breeze stirs the trees;

Woodpigeons call.

Ashley composed this beautiful, ephemeral hokku.

The photo of the clouds moving across the sky was also composed by Ashley.

Information on wood pigeons can be found here; to hear the call of a wood pigeon, go here.

Published by: Sabishī

I enjoy translating my observations into hokku, as well as reading the hokku of others. Hope you enjoy your slow-walk through our Hokku Garden!


4 thoughts on “Clouds”

    1. Many thanks Edo! Because we write hokku within the season, we notice the seasons changing. Not everyone does and the clouds drifting by felt like a good metaphor. Glad you liked it! 🙋‍♂️

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  1. A lovely restful hokku even though it speaks of change . . . and of wood pigeons which make me ‘jump out of my skin’ when they clatter about in the trees unexpectedly when I’m out in the woods! 😀

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