Outdoor Play


Playing outside;

Are we vaccinated

With the soil?

Sabishī composed this immunizing hokku.

The photo of the children playing outside can be found here.

Many elderly people will tell you that they are healthier than most younger people, because they played outside all the time, when they were growing up, something many parents don’t allow, today. What do you think?


6 thoughts on “Outdoor Play”

  1. I remember when we got home from school we played outside until our mother called us in for dinner, and after dinner we went outside again until dark. Am I exaggerating? It sure seems that way! Coincidentally, I hardly ever get sick.

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    1. That’s how it was for me and my brother too, and my hubby. You’re not exaggerating. 😀 I remember all those exciting days of exploring the surrounding countryside – roaming through the fields . . . jumping on haystacks . . . and, consequently, running for our lives with the farmer shaking his fists in the distance. Lol, it was great fun. Making dens, and all the philosophical discussions that took place in them – was the thunder really God clapping his hands? Then we’d wander back home when it seemed to be getting late – mum pretending to scold us, but really quite pleased that her and dad got to watch the t.v. in peace. Happy times!
      Hubby was more unusual – he and his friends used to play in the coal cellar!

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  2. What a brilliant hokku! Exceptional! Lesley’s just written everything I could say about my childhood although I should add that besides living on the edge of town where there were fields which were cut for hay to feed the horses that pulled the carts that delivered the coal………..! Those were the days! 🙋‍♂️

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    1. I was an “Army Brat,” a soldier’s child, so I’ve been inoculated with soil antigens of many different states and countries. I was always playing in the dirt with my brother and friends, digging foxholes when we played war, throwing dirt-grenades, and did lots of crawling in mud. I’ve had plenty of soil-vaccines in my life time. People like us have cells made of soil. ha ha It’s ironic that parents who “protected” their kids by not letting them play in the dirt, actually raised kids who are now not “protected.” My opinion.

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