Atop A Cliff


Atop a cliff;

A hiker descends into

Another life.

This transforming hokku was composed by Sabishī.

The photo was taken atop a cliff, looking down into the Green River Valley. You can see the hiking trail at the top of the photo. It is many meters away from the top of the cliff (bottom of photo).


5 thoughts on “Atop A Cliff”

  1. This is a hokku with a double perspective. When I first read it, I was enthralled by the image of descending into the life of the forest floor . . . then when I read the account of your accident, I saw the meaning in another story, that of descending into a different kind of life. I’m sorry about your accident, Sabishi. I’m so glad you got help and that you are still here today to share your love of nature.

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