Wet Falling Leaves


Autumn rain;

Before changing their colors,

The leaves fall.

Donna Ferrrell composed this wet-leaved autumn hokku.

The photo was taken in Sabishī’s front yard; his favorite Japanese maple tree, during an autumn rain. Some green leaves are pulled off the tree by the rain and wind.


3 thoughts on “Wet Falling Leaves”

  1. Just as a leaf falls toward the earth because of gravity, the earth falls toward the sun for the same reason. Earth falls, and we (in this hemisphere) get colder and darker. Winter approaches!

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  2. Donna’s hokku describes what it’s like here in the u.k. at the moment. It’s been an unusually wet and windy start to October. I just hope most of the leaves manage to stay on the trees long enough for us to see them in their full glory.
    The Maple is gorgeous, Sabishi. I love how the leaves are tinged with pink.

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