The Fallen Leaves

End of Autumn

Sweeping them up,

And then not sweeping them up;

The fallen leaves.

This end-of-autumn hokku was composed by Tan Taigi and translated by David Coomler, who took this beautiful photo of fallen leaves.

According to the ancient hokku calendar or the natural calendar, based on the earth-sun relationship, today is the last day of autumn. Here in the U.S. it has evolved into this bizarre, candy-based celebration. Many of the traditions of Halloween have been lost through time.


One thought on “The Fallen Leaves”

  1. What a beautiful hokku to end the Hokku Garden, with respect to composing hokku. Thank you for teaching us the fine art of hokku, David. I will be writing hokku for the rest of my life; it’s such a beautiful art form. I will be following your blog, as long as you continue to post entries.

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