A Hokku Garden

Portland Japanese Garden, Oregon

Just as a botanical garden is a place for the display of your favorite plants, this garden is an area that I have set aside for the display and enjoyment of my favorite form of poetry…hokku.  This garden contains  verses  from  the ancient Japanese poets as well as modern writers.

Click here to learn what hokku is and some general information about hokku, which is different from the more modern haiku

This collection includes verses from the classic writers of the 17th and 18th centuries, such as Bashō , Buson, Onitsura, and Issa.  Also, included in this collection are a handful of modern writers, such as Coomler (who teaches the art of writing hokku), Ashley, Ferrell, Sabishī, and Bennett.

Each page has one hokku verse, with a photo, and the name of the author is below each verse.

Hope you enjoy this simple, yet, beautiful form of expression that is called hokku!                                                 

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