All Hallows’ Eve

(Late Autumn)

All Hallows’ Eve;

A barn owl haunts

The churchyard.

This late autumn hokku was composed by Clive Bennett.

The photo of the flying barn owl can be found here.

Information on barn owls can be found here.

Read about the origins of Halloween here.

Autumn will end at midnight. Winter has arrived! Please stay warm and protected from the harsh wind and temperatures!


One thought on “All Hallows’ Eve”

  1. Hell of a haunting Halloween hokku! Thanks for sharing it with us, Clive! And thanks for contributing to our Hokku Garden!
    It’s been fun and I’ll miss all of you. I will continue to read your blog posts. We must keep writing hokku and teaching others. The Hokku Garden’s gates will be open for anyone who wishes to enjoy a walk/read! Good luck, everyone!

    Liked by 1 person

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